carrie and harvey


carrie and harvey

Photography : Duuet
Venue : Stones of the Yarra Valley

I wanted to make a spring garden for them, in the Chapel and we were lucky to have the prettiest blush pink peonies and even some blossom branches, despite being a little late in the season. To bring in a little warmth, I added my gold framed lanterns and nestled them into the installation.

As always, I like to re set the ceremony flowers in the reception, so the flowers can continue to be enjoyed. The ceremony florals were re arranged at the entrance to the Barn.

Low and rambling floral arrangements were placed down the tables in my ceramic vessels, filled with open peonies, blossom, roses and spring foliages.

" I'm not sure how many dates in the end we had for Min and Douglas, but we rescheduled at least 3 times due to the rolling Covid situation here in Melbourne. This lovely couple handled the changes with such police and grace - it was such a joy to finally flower for them. "